The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet

(paperback and kindle)

Acidic waste is the  greatest common denominator in all degenerative diseases. This simple plan can help a wide range of illness, including acid reflux, arthritis, obesity.

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Price: $20.69


 (paperback and kindle)

After years of living with severe rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, anxiety, and ulcers, Hilde Larsen finally decided she was done with hospitals, medications, and living a miserable existance. It was a choice that soon propelled her onto a lonely journey where she would courageously battle to not just overcome her physical challenges, but also to find her true purpose and a new beginning.

The Acid Alkaline Food Guide (paperback and kindle)

This book explains how the acid-alkaline environment of the body is influenced by foods. It then presents of comprehensive list of foods and their acid-alkaline effects.

Price: $7.89

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook               (paperback & kindle)

by Dr Robert Morse N.D.

The cause of illness is poison (acidosis), i.e. toxins from our foods water and air. No genuine healing can occur in a toxic environment. Treat the 'cause' of the illness, not the symptoms. 

Price: $19.78

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