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  • I mix my zero carb whey protein powder (vanilla or almond), with the cacao powder so that I can just spoon that straight into my smoothies for that chocolate effect.

  • I also keep a dessert spoon in the jar ready to go.

  • Keep your flaxseed oil in the fridge.  I don’t really measure it these days, just slosh a good measure in.  You really can’t overdose.

  • Have all your superfoods such as Chia, Bee Pollen, Maca, and Vital greens in nice jars, near your blender.  Makes the quick breakfast easier.

  • I very rarely make any smoothies with milk, as it tend to discourage the use of milk.                    I mostly use water. Sometimes I may use Almond Milk (bought or homemade), or coconut milk.  Don’t forget that adds to the calories.

  • I tend to have my smoothies first thing in the day, in keeping with correct food combining, and having fruit for breakfast. 

  • I sometimes have a smoothie at suppertime, and make it thick, rich and chocolaty, so that it’s almost like having chocolate ice-cream (Two of my evening time nemesis in the past).            This way its healthy.  Just make sure you leave it 2-3 hours after dinner.  Fruit doesn’t like to be piled in on top of other food.