DVD's to Enhance Your Knowledge

Here are some very specially chosen DVD's that are made by some very special people, that have dedicated themselves to helping people, to help themselves.

Knowledge is most of the battle. Then all you have to do is apply that knowledge.

Not always easy, but doable.


Reading books isn't always everyones thing, so I've compiled some DVD's that I know are a worth while watch.

Listening to your body, and understanding what it is trying to say is important. 

Making good choices, and understanding why, WILL bring positive changes to your health.

If you want to your health to improve, learn from some of the following sources of information, in the comfort of your own home, and a time of your own choosing, and learn, learn, learn.

Fiona Tebeck Dr.Ac., N.D., T.C.M.

Price: $10.41

Damon Gameau is a guy from Melbourne.

He does a brilliant job of 'physically' demonstrating the damage done just by consuming a high level of sugar from 'so called' healthy foods.

This film is a gob smacker.  

Go on this journey with Damon, it will open your eyes.  

When you might think you're trying to be healthy, you might just find out otherwise.

We are inundated with sugar everywhere we go.

This is a "MUST SEE", as Jamie Oliver states.

Do yourself a favor and allow Damon to educate you.

The visual effects and imagination used to demonstrate how the body is reacting to the sugar are fantastic, entertaining and easy to follow.

Damon gets to the straight up TRUTH, which is refreshing and actually quite shocking.

You owe it to yourself.

You owe it to your children.

Watch 'That Sugar Film'

Fiona Tebeck Dr.Ac., N.D., T.C.M.

More movies coming.......