Alkaline Diet



The 80/20 Alkaline Diet can simply be viewed something like this plate.

1/4 being from the Acid choices

3/4 being from the Alkaline choices.

Keep it simple.

Ever thought you could eat your way to health? You can! 

Eating an alkaline diet benefits all of the body's functions.  The only part of the body that is acidic is the stomach.  Everywhere else is alkaline.

The food that leaves your stomach is acidic. Digestive enzymes are added via the bile duct and the pancreatic duct, to alkalize the food, so that you don't literally burn your intestines. Ulcers of the duodenum may occur, due to the acidity of the food, not being alkalized enough as it passes through.  This in turn would be due to a problem with the Gallbladder or the Pancreas functions, or their ducts. 


One of the Kidney's functions is to maintain the body's healthy pH levels. If the blood is acidic, then 'buffer's need to be supplied and these are brought in often in the form of Calcium and Cholesterol.  


A more Alkaline Diet improves digestion, cell health, energy, skin tone,  mood as well as weight loss. 

Many people are turning to the alkaline lifestyle to prevent and cure diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Weight Watchers encourages the consumption of fruit and vegetables, giving them zero points. 

Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson and Victoria Beckham, all follow an alkaline lifestyle.

A high-acid diet creates a breeding ground for bacteria causing disease and leads to poor health. 

Are you getting aching joints? 

Gaining weight? 

Craving carbs or sugar? 

Brain fog? 

Itchy and sore skin conditions?

Then your body is too acidic!

Many people start the day with coffee, toast and jam, or cereals, cake or donuts for morning tea, then a huge piece of meat and little or no vegetables for dinner.

All of these are acid-forming foods!
Look at it this way. If you put the wrong petrol in your car, it won’t run very well and eventually break down!


Don’t break down, start your alkaline lifestyle today!



alkaline diet benefits everything